October 24, 2018

Before Temperatures Fall to Single Digits, Does Your HVAC Business Have a Website?

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The weather outside is getting cold, and as residents and business owners are kicking on HVAC systems for the first time. As problems appear, HVAC businesses throughout the country are getting urgent calls from chilly customers. If your HVAC business does not have an active website, you are missing out on plenty of business from customers seeking emergency HVAC service and regular maintenance.

Every HVAC Business Needs a Website

Great websites matter more than ever before. For every 1 second delay in page loading on a mobile website, conversion rates fall by 20%. Almost 60% of website visits to HVAC companies are completed on mobile devices. Still, countless HVAC companies do not have websites that are mobile-friendly or quick to load. If you aren’t online, you have no chance of competing with robust businesses enjoying optimal search engine position with mobile-optimized sites.

What Do the Best Websites Have?

The most successful HVAC business websites are clean, professional easy to use and beautiful to look at. Single page websites are ideal for HVAC sites because users don’t need to worry about clicking through multiple pages to find the information that they are looking for. Instead, an intuitive design lets users quickly scroll through the website to see information about services, your company and how to get in touch. All of the best websites today, regardless of industry, look just as great on mobile phones as they do on a desktop.

Show What You Know

With so many scammy HVAC companies out there, it’s important to use your website to showcase your expertise. Use your HVAC business site to highlight your credentials and qualifications. What will customers want to see?

  • Certifications: Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau? Are you a certified dealer of a major brand like Trane, Lennox, Carrier or another company? Do you have certified technicians on staff?
  • Qualifications: How much experience do you have working on HVAC equipment? How long has your business been around? Conveying this information shows that you aren’t just a flash in the pan.
  • Awards: Do you have any local, regional or national awards? Particularly if you’re an Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient, this is worth including in a prime spot on your webpage.
  • Memberships: Are you a member of any professional, HVAC or local groups?

Explain Your Services

Many of the people who visit your website are dealing with HVAC problems, which means that they’re in a hurry! Keep information about your services located in a prime spot and include details like whether or not you offer 24/7 emergency service or if you specialize in a certain type of repair. You can also include information on what manufacturers you work with, any workmanship guarantees and if you extend a warranty on parts or labor. 

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