September 13, 2018

Make Your Water Remediation Business Website Before the Water Rises

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With hurricane season arriving at the doorsteps of millions of Americans this week, there will be many people completing mobile searches for water remediation services when the water rises. If you don’t already have a water remediation business website, guess how many of those leads you’ll be picking up? None. As a water remediation company, you need an effective and simple website to capture consumer interest and help as many flood-affected people as possible.

Why Do Water Remediation Businesses Need Websites?

When customers are looking for help in a crisis situation, like in the aftermath of a flood or hurricane, they will not spend a great deal of time searching around for the best deal or the best Yelp! reviews. Instead, they will look for easily accessible information that tells them who you are and what you do, and they expect a rapid response. After all, when in a crisis situation, who has time to wait around?

If you don’t have a water remediation business website, you will miss out on business from customers who are searching on their phones for assistance. Your website doesn’t need to be big and bloated, either. A simple, affordable single-page website gets wonderful results and puts your name in front of interested customers who are searching for what you are offering. All of the sites from are optimized for viewing on mobile devices and tablets so that you will be wherever your customers are.

What Does a Water Remediation Business Website Need?

  • Contact information so that it’s easy to call or email you. Always include your email, direct phone number, emergency contact information for 24/7 service and physical address. You should also have your regular hours of business listed and tell customers when to expect a call back (since there’s a good chance they’re trying not to panic!).
  • A list of the services that you provide. Beyond removing water from a flooded home, do you also provide mold testing and mold remediation services? Make sure that you list all of the services you offer and which of them are emergency services.
  • Easy navigation so that searchers can quickly find the information that they are looking for. Single page websites are a great way to provide the right amount of information quickly because users won’t need to comb through page after page to find what they need.
  • Professionally-written content that answers any questions a potential customer might have. The content found on your water remediation business website will be read by search engines as they formulate where your website should be ranked for various search terms. A website that is filled with grammatical errors or missing key information will be penalized and not get the best results. 

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