August 23, 2018

Every General Contractor Needs a Website

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General contractors rely on a steady flow of business from referrals, leads and traditional advertising platforms. The most successful contractors today get business from well-designed, mobile-optimized websites. Unfortunately, the contracting industry has been slow to catch on to the importance of a website due to high costs, confusing terminology and a lack of time to devote to creating an online presence. As a general contractor, you need a reliable and affordable website that you don’t need to make on your own. $ has you covered.

Why Do General Contractors Need Websites?

The world of general contracting is competitive, and finding the right customers is more important than ever before. Referrals are still a great way to generate business, but turning to the web for new leads is a better idea than relying on the newspaper and phone book. As a result of misinformation, some contractors think that a website needs to be bloated with tons of pages, filled with repetitive content and sold with a hefty price tag. In reality, affordable single-page websites get wonderful results. Websites from are optimized for viewing on cell phones and tablets, carefully crafted to get results and designed to load very quickly.

Without a website, your general contracting business will never be able to get local leads for contracting services when a customer searches online. A little bit of effort (and some intelligent delegation to a professional website design and maintenance company) will go a long way towards bringing your business into the 21st century.

What Does a General Contractor Website Need?

  • A photo gallery and testimonials showing the excellent quality of your work. With so many low-quality and unskilled contractors working today, it’s important to distinguish yourself as one of the best in the business.
  • Basic information so that customers can contact you. The information on your website should include your email, phone number and physical address. You should also list your hours of business and whether or not you provide any type of emergency services or seasonal services (like snow removal).
  • Easy navigation so that browsers can easily find what they are looking for. Single page websites are a great solution to this because users won’t need to comb through each page to find exactly what they need.
  • Professional content that answers every question a browser might be asking. The content on your single-page website will be read by search engines when they decide where to rank your site. A website that is filled with grammatical errors or missing key information will fall in rankings and not make the impact that it should. 

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