November 14, 2018

The Basics of Brand Identity

Brand Identity

What does America run on? Dunkin’. What does a checkmark-like swoosh represent? Nike. What do you think about eating when you see a pair of golden arches? A Big Mac. All of these are examples of brand identity in practice. The link between these otherwise-abstract symbols and brands and products in your mind was made as a result of skilled branding.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a combination of your company’s vision, values, goals, target audience and the needs of the target audience. Just like individuals show their personality and preferences through the clothes and accessories that they wear, brands show who they are and who they want to appeal to through their brand identities. Brands with a strong, solidified identity should look, sound and behave in a consistent manner.

Defining a Brand Identity

First, you need to think about your brand’s voice. Imagine having a conversation with a customer and the emotions and feelings you want to make the customer feel during it. What makes the conversation work? What words made it so successful? How does the customer describe the conversation? All of these questions can help you to narrow down the mood and tone you want your brand to use.

Next, think about your values. While having a profitable and successful business is obviously one of your values, what other things make your business unique? What added value do customers get from your brand? Do you want to help people be more confident? Are you solving a household problem and trying to make your target consumer’s life easier? Make a list of the values that make your brand special.

The Elements You Need

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to think about the elements you need to form your brand identity. What representations of your brand do you need to think about?

  • Logo: Something that says who you are without words.
  • Font and Color Scheme: Fonts and colors will be used throughout all of your marketing materials, so make sure that they are choices you love.
  • Tagline: If you could drill your brand down to a few words, what would the words be?
  • Online Presence: Every business needs a website, and yours is no different! Fortunately, a great website doesn’t need to break the bank. creates beautiful, affordable single-page websites for businesses of any size. 

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