August 16, 2018

4 of the Online Essentials for Your Landscaping Business

Landscaping Business

The backbone of an effective online marketing strategy for a landscaping business is a website. With the right single-page site design, industry-specific stock photos and excellent content, your website will work for you every day of the year. Round out your landscaping business website with these clever (and simple) online marketing ideas.

Meet the Needs of New Demographics

The world of landscaping is rapidly changing as younger customers can afford to invest in landscaping and lawn care services. Younger families are leading busier lives than ever before, and these consumers are turning to the internet to find the right business in their area. A website will meet the needs of these younger consumers, who expect to learn the basics of your business from the convenience of a mobile phone. You should also market your flexible payment options or consider expanding your payment options to meet millennial preferences. If you only accept checks and cash, expand your options to include credit cards and PayPal.

Showcase the Basics

Across industries, businesses have under 5 seconds to convince a customer to stay on a website. Customers trying to find someone to take care of aerating the lawn will not spend minutes searching your page for relevant information. Instead, these customers will quickly scan to find the keywords or business information that matters to them. Keep the most important information near the top of your single-page site and list answers to frequently asked questions like:

  • What payment forms do you accept?
  • How can a customer get in touch?
  • Do you offer commercial and residential landscaping services?
  • What landscaping services do you offer?
  • What hours are you open?
  • Why should a customer choose you?

An expert content writer can seamlessly integrate this information into your website so that customers can find it and search engines can too.

Be Responsive

Customers are busy and do not want to wait around for a response. Setting up a simple contact form on your website and including contact information is essential. If you do not respond to online service inquiries within 24-48 hours, you will lose the business. That being said, the leads that you do get from your website can be very high-quality, and if you respond quickly, you can pick up many customers without ever needing to drop off a flyer.

Showcase Your Brand

Your landscaping business website is the perfect place to demonstrate why a customer should choose you over a competitor. Many landscaping businesses are run by amateurs, and your website can elevate your brand and distinguish you from the people walking around with lawnmowers looking for work. Your single-page website can include:

  • A gallery of finished projects
  • Short biographies and photos of your employees
  • Testimonials 

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